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Father's Day Gift Guide and Giveaway via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog

Father’s Day Gifts are so much fun to choose. We love to buy fun items for my husband, Dad, and brother. Do you need help with gift ideas for the men in your life? Our Mother’s Day Giveaway last month was amazing, but now it is time to celebrate the Dads and men who we love. Ladies, you can enter and surprise your men with some great prizes. I hope you enjoy these Father’s Day Gifts and giveaway prizes.

Father’s Day Gifts and a Giveaway

  1. Speck makes the best cases for your electronics. Not only do their cases come in fun colors, but they protect your electronics as well. My Speck case has protected my phone for the past year through many drops. One winner will receive a Speck Presidio Case of their choice. Dad can choose from one of these phone cases in the Speck Presidio Line. Dad will be protecting his phone in style with a Speck case. Dad would love a new phone case for his Father’s Day Gifts.
  2. Fresh Wave is one of our favorite household brands. Their products help remove odors instead of covering them up with toxic scents. The trash can pod is life changing! It somehow keeps our garbage can always smelling great. One winner will receive a travel spray and odor removing packs from Fresh Wave. These two giveaway items will keep Dad fresh on the go- whether at the gym, on a business trip, or just going to work. Fresh Wave’s Travel Spray is the ultimate natural solution. Spray it in the air or on fabrics without any headaches or allergies. The Packs are perfect for keeping smaller compartments fresh. Dad can throw one into his gym bag, suitcase, car, stinky sneakers, or even his sock drawer.
  3. Lasko fans are a great way to keep Dad cool this summer. We recently tested the Lasko Max Performance Pivoting Utility fan. We put it in our entryway and it kept cool air moving throughout the entire first floor. This powerful fan quickly cooled down a huge area of our home. The two built in 3 prong grounded outlets are a brilliant addition. This fan is so much sturdier than other similar fans we have purchased. A Lasko fan would be at the top of my Father’s Day Gifts list since my husband is always feeling quite hot in the summer. Buy one for your Dad’s office, garage, or man cave.
  4. Does your Dad often lose his wallet, phone, or keys? The Tile is the perfect solution to keep Dad from losing his important items. The Tile can connect to any item that Dad loses. We put one on our car keys and it works so well. No more asking the kids, where are my keys? The Tile App on your phone can send a signal to the missing item and you will be reunited in seconds. It also works in the reverse. If you have your keys but you don’t know where your phone is, you will be able to find that too. One winner will receive a Tile Mate.
  5. Most Dads love tools. This next prize from Kelvin is one of the coolest tools I have ever seen. Any Dad would love to win a Kelvin 36 in Black. This multi tool fits in one hand and is like a swiss army knife on steroids. With this one tool, your Dad can fix almost everything. The 36 different tools all fit so nicely into your hand. We have been using our Kelvin for every project around the house and it has been indispensable. If you do not win this giveaway, you can use the coupon code cw5kkelvin on their website for 25% off until 6/9/2017.
  6. Women have so many subscription boxes to choose from. My husband was a tiny bit jealous of the cool clothes I would get in the mail. The FiveFour subscription box is a perfect gift for Dad. Setting up your account is simple. Dad answers a few style questions and then each month 4 curated items arrive. My husband has loved every item he has received over the past 7 months. The FiveFour clothing is comfortable, stylish, and makes our Dad extremely happy!
  7. Formia Designs turns your child’s art into a wearable item. My kids have made so many cute designs over the years. I just wish I had saved some of these drawings and turned them into a wearable piece like a keychain or necklace. I can barely remember the days when they loved to make me small love notes. One winner will receive a Formia Designs titanium keychain created from one design of their choice.
  8. Panasonic has some great gifts to help your Dad look and feel his best. Does your Dad need a new electric shaver like the Arc5 wet/dry highly rated model? Maybe your Dad would enjoy the wet/dry beard and hair trimmer? We are getting our Dad the Panasonic wireless bluetooth headphones. He loves to listen to Netflix movies so these headphones will make the perfect gift.
  9. Does your Dad like to play golf? If so, does he want to improve his swing? The Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer instantly gives feedback on your swing through a sensor you wear on your glove. An app on your phone will analyze the swing including the club speed and plane, the tempo and backswing length. With instant evaluations and personalized coaching from your data, your Dad will be a better golfer in no time. Zepp also sells sensors that can analyze Dad’s baseball, tennis, or softball swing. One winner will receive a Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer.
  10. Dad needs a snack! Marlo’s Bake Shop uses locally sourced, non-GMO, premium ingredients and creates the most delicious soft baked biscotti. One winner will receive a variety pack of delicious soft baked biscotti. The Variety Pack includes a box ofChocolate Chip Brownie, The Original, GF Banana Bread & Brown Sugar Coffee Cake flavors. These unique cookies will taste delicious with Dad’s morning cup of coffee.
  11. Schmidt’s deodorant is the only deodorant our family uses. This natural deodorant neutralizes odors, absorbs wetness, and will change the way you think about natural deodorants. Even our teen boys love this brand. Schmidt’s keeps our whole family smelling fresh and clean all year long.  One winner will receive 3 popular men’s deodorants: 1 each of Charcoal + Magnesium, Cedarwood + Juniper, and Tea Tree.
  12. DeepDiveThreads sells the cutest matching Dad t shirts and baby onesies. There are so many great shirts to choose from including super heroes, Harry Potter, Star Wars and so much more. The onesies are creative and great for photo ops. One winner will receive a Dad t-shirt as well as a onesie of their choice from the Deep Dive Threads site.

Father's Day Gift Guide and Giveaway via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog

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