Fetch My Meds helps pet owners buy prescription medications at a discount 37

Fetch My meds: a free discount program for pet medications via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog

This post is sponsored by Fetch My Meds and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I was compensated to create awareness about the Fetch My Meds pharmacy discount program for pets. Fetch My Meds is not responsible for the content of this article.

Molly is the most loved member of our family. No matter who is fighting and mad at each other, no one is ever mad at Molly. She has an amazing ability to know who needs her love and attention most. She knows when the kids are sick before I even do. I never blinked at the hundreds of dollars we spend each year on her medications. Fetch My Meds veterinary prescription discount card is a new, completely free way to save money on your pet’s prescriptions. Savings can be up to 70% off of the retail price. This is Molly’s card that I keep in my wallet.

Fetch My meds: a free discount program for pet medications via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog

Molly takes heart worm medicine each month as well as flea and tick medicine. When I checked how much these two medications would be with our new discount card I was shocked. The savings were quite significant. I can’t put a price on Molly’s health, but I also love to save money. I had never realized that I could save money on Molly’s medications. Paying full price at the veterinarian’s office was something I have been doing for years. It will now only take me a few seconds to buy Molly’s current medications at a substantial discount on Fetch My Meds. If you want to compare prices, and check the discounts on some of your pets medications, click here.  Simply enter the name of all your pets medications and press enter. You will be surprised to see how reasonably priced the same medicines are. Finding your local pharmacy is also seconds away. Enter your zip code here and all your local pharmacies will be shown. I have more than 12 locations to choose from in my area.

Fetch My meds: a free discount program for pet medications via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog

Molly looks thrilled by this news, doesn’t she? When I told her that I could buy her more toys and treats with the money I saved she perked up. Signing up for your own card is simple. It took me 15 seconds to enter mine and Molly’s information online. After entering your information, you can either print your card, or save it to your e-wallet. Start saving money on your pet’s expensive medications and buy a few more dog treats with the spare change. Some prescriptions will require your veterinarian to write you a prescription. Simply ask the vet to write your scrip and you are ready to save money. Some prescriptions can be purchased on the Pet360 website with your discount card.

Fetch My meds: a free discount program for pet medications via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog


If you have a pet, sign up today and get your free Fetch my Meds card so you can save money too. You can use your card right away. Fetch my meds is the best way to save money on the medicines your pet needs to stay healthy. Your card can be used at local pharmacies like Giant, Walgreen, Costco, Sam’s Club, and CVS. Fetch My Meds is the first pharmacy discount program to be created just for your pet’s prescription needs. Follow Fetch My Meds on Twitter or Facebook to keep in touch.

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37 thoughts on “Fetch My Meds helps pet owners buy prescription medications at a discount

  • Alli Smith

    I’ve got to check this out because Max takes a monthly heart medication and flea and tea meds. I love the idea of saving money on his meds. It gives me more money to spend on his favorite toys.

    • Sara Post author

      Right? I spend much more on Molly’s toys and treats because I am saving money on her medications with the Fetch My Meds card.

  • Jaime Nicole

    This sounds like a really great deal! Pet medications can be so expensive, but necessary – and I have two dogs so hoping I can save quite a bit!

    • Sara Post author

      My dog is healthy and she still has monthly medications that she must take. It is so nice to be able to find them at a discount.

    • Sara Post author

      We also buy heart worm and flea/tick medication every single month. The savings will really start to add up for you!

  • Kimberly

    Molly is too adorable and looks so unimpressed by taking medications! LOL! Oh Molly! My dog takes the same but via skin – it’s a dropper that you apply right to his skin.
    I’ve never heard of this program before and it’s very interesting. Pet meds are incredibly expensive especially when your pet is a senior like ours!

    • Sara Post author

      Molly is so unimpressed by blogging. I always ask her if she wants to take photos and her answer is yes, for a few treats! You can also get the liquid kind of medicine from Fetch My meds! I hope you check it out.

  • Anosa

    Pets are considered already as family members and should be well taken off too. Such a nice company move. Pet lovers can enjoy discounts on their prescription needs.

    • Sara Post author

      It is a smart move! Our pets are cherished members of our family. It is so great to find the same medications at lower prices.

    • Sara Post author

      Yes, I was shocked when I saw how much we were spending each month on pet medication! I would not ever skip her medications, but I prefer to get them at a cheaper price!

  • Jona

    This is such a great news! I hope this will also be initiated here in my country. I’d love to be a member of that so I can save money through discounts.

    • Sara Post author

      Dog medications are really expensive! It really is a handy and helpful thing to find the same medications at a lower price. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Barbara

    Thanks for the information about this card. I just went to the site and signed up. Fast and easy and downloaded to my iWallet. I am going to try it out on my next prescription for my Lab, Sugar. Dog meds are so expensive these days and I am looking to save money on the meds my dog has to take every day. Thanks again.

    • Sara Post author

      Wonderful! Thanks for signing up Barbara. I hope you are able to save lots of money on Sugar’s medications.

  • Marcie W.

    Our dog is on two different anti-seizure medications and they run us about $150 every month. I plan to sign up with Fetch My Meds immediately, as even a small savings would help!

    • Sara Post author

      First, I hope your dog is ok, and that the medications are keeping her seizure free! Second, I hope you save lots of money on these meds.

    • Sara Post author

      Yes, people spend so much money on pet medication because they love their pet so much. It is so nice to be able to save a bit of money on these necessary items.

  • My Teen Guide

    Oh this is great news. We all know how expensive pet medication is. Sometimes, they are more costly that our medicines. I have to get a Fetch my Meds card ASAP. As much as possible, we want our pets to be healthy, but there are times they can’t avoid getting sick. Fetch my Meds would definitely help us with the cost of medication for our fur babies.

    • Sara Post author

      I am so happy you will enjoy the benefits of the Fetch my Meds card. I hope you will be able to save lots of money with this discount program.