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Gifts for Girls, great options for holiday gifts for girls

Gifts for Girls

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Gifts for Girls are so much fun for me to choose. After having four sons my little girl was such a blessing and joy. I could finally dress up my daughter. We can get our nails done together, we can talk about makeup, how annoying boys are, and all kinds of girly things. Buying gifts for girls makes me quite happy. I hope you enjoy some of these gifts for girls that we are sharing on the blog today. The mini blogger tested and approved each of these items and wrote this blog post for you today. She recommends all of these items as the perfect gifts for girls.

Helio: Night Light Projection System:

I love to decorate my room. It is my favorite room in the house and I like it to be just perfect. One thing you might not know about me, I hate the dark. I have a few different things that light up, but the Helio is my favorite one. This night light teaches you something, cool right? All you need to do is unbox it and plug it in. Choose a disc to put on top and your whole ceiling will light up. My favorite discs are the animal ones. I learned the different speeds that animals travel. Did you know that elephants can go 25mph and kangaroos can go 43mph? I also learned how many hours animals sleep per day. Elephants and horses sleep only 3 hours! If you would like to order your own Helio, enter the code LearningLight and you will receive your second unit for $34.95.

WowWee MagnaFlex:

This toy is made by a brand I already love. I have used their Digiloom and Turbo Dave Minion and I love them both. Magnaflex is really fun because you can do so many things with the pieces. This construction toy can bend, turn, and even stick magnetically! The colorful pieces are so much fun to play with. I made a ball, a bridge, and a dog out of my pieces. I love toys that allow me to be creative. You can follow the sample photos or you can build your own creations. The magnetic parts of this toy stick really well and do not fall apart like other toys do sometimes. I love to pull out this set while I need some quiet time.

The Wonderling by Mira Bartók:

I really enjoyed reading this book filled with fantasy, friendship, and adventure. It was filled with sadness and then hope. Arthur is the main character and I really felt like I knew him after a while. This book is about animals, and I love animals. Trinket was my favorite character. She became friends with Arthur very quickly and helped him see hope in a hopeless world. The book ends in a place that would be perfect for a sequel. I hope Mira Bartók turns The Wonderling into a series so I can enjoy more books. My Mom told me that this book will be turned into a movie and I cannot wait to see it! You can use the code CANDLEWICK to save 25% on their website.

: Christmas Ornament Collection:

I love candy and my Mom never buys it for me. I just love these new PEZ Candy Christmas ornaments. I think every tree should have at least one ornament filled with PEZ. Kids want PEZ and they look so cute on the tree. PEZ taste so delicious, they are fruity and so much fun to eat. Loading the PEZ into the dispenser and then having candy whenever I want, is the best! These cute ornaments make great gifts for girls or boys.

gifts for girls vince camuto sparkly shoes

Shoes for Girls:

Aren’t these shoes so cute? I LOVE them! Sparkly things make me happy and these shoes have so much sparkle in them. I wore them to a fancy party and they made me feel like Cinderella. This shoe is called the Pietra Studded Flat.  The shoe not only looks so cute but it feels great on my foot. I rarely try on a shoe that feels perfect, but these do. The bow at the toes is perfect. I cannot wait to wear these to a fancy party and dance around in them. If you like cute shoes, go check out the Vince Camuto shoes, I love them all.

Petlanthropy Gift Cards:

My favorite gift for girls who love animals, is a gift card to Petlanthropy. When you give someone a gift card they can go on the website and find an animal shelter near them to donate to. You can also find a project that you can get involved with! Helping homeless animals is the best gift I can think of. Sure, I love candy and sparkly shoes. But finding an easy way to help animals, makes me soooo happy. Petlanthropy makes it easy for you to buy a gift card so that your donation can go to helping a pet that needs something.

Viv+Lou Duffel Bag:

Girls love cute bags. We also like to pack a special bag when we are traveling. When my Mom tells me we have a trip to go on, I grab my bag and start packing right away! Viv+Lou makes these super cute bags for girls. You can even get your name or monogram written on it. I love monogrammed things. Any girl will enjoy this cute travel bag. It holds a perfect amount of clothes and other stuff and packs up really nicely. If you want to buy a personalized gift for a girl you should definitely consider a bag like this.

Gifts for girls great options for presents for girls on your holiday list

 What are your go-to gifts for girls?

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