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Tech Gifts

Tech gifts are high on our list for family presents this year. My teens always want the latest and greatest technology. Being early adopters of the latest technology is part of the millennial mentality. I buy the latest technology because it often makes our lives easier. Technology changes by the minute. Just look at the new iPhone X. The home button that was on every iPhone is gone! Today’s gift guide focuses on the latest and greatest tech gifts that you will want to buy for the holidays and in 2018. What tech gifts are you planning to buy in 2018?

HP Sprocket 2-N-1- tops our Tech Gift Guide this year

: Last year we shared out love for the Sprocket in our tech gift guide roundup here. The Sprocket is a very small portable printer that you can take with you anywhere and print small photos/stickers. The Sprocket 2-in-1 is even better! It is a pocket-sized printer AND camera. With the seamless Bluetooth technology, you and your friends can print directly from your phones. Before printing, you can edit the photos, add a filter, frame, sticker, or even emojis. You can also add your photos to your social media accounts. With the new Sprocket 2-n-1 you also get a 5MP camera with LED dual color flash! There is a free Sprocket App that allows you to print your photos. This new technology is going to be HOT in 2018!

Cherry MX Keyboard is a perfect tech gift for the holidays

Cherry MX-Board 3.0 keyboard: The Cherry MX-Board 3.0 with Blue switches is a must buy for anyone who spends a lot of time typing. My teens who are gamers fight over who will use this keyboard. Like other mechanical keyboards, it is a bit loud when you type. Each time you strike a key there is a perfect resistance and to a techy it sounds wonderful and feels wonderful as well. If you do not know what to buy your techy, this keyboard makes a great gift. It has a very low-profile and is so much fun to use. My teens like this keyboard so much that they do not mind typing a long essay while using this keyboard. 

Ellipsis 8 from Verizon makes a great gift and is a top pick on our tech gift guide

Ellipsis 10 tablet: This tablet from Verizon was the first Android tablet we have ever tested. It was so easy to use we were playing games, listening to music, and watching movies within minutes of taking it out of the box. My oldest son loved the vivid, high-resolution display so much he bought one for his birthday. Some of our favorite features of the Ellipsis are the long-lasting battery (which can run the tablet for 32 hours on one charge), the very large 10.1-inch screen, the dual speakers, excellent gaming responses, and a fast processor. When you watch movies on the Ellipsis, it feels like you are at the movies. This tablet is excellent for long car trips since it has such a great battery length. The Ellipsis runs on the Verizon network and we had excellent connectivity at home and while traveling. The free instant tech support on the home screen was so helpful when we had a question about the tablet. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 makes a great tech gift

Samsung  Galaxy S8: The Samsung S8 is an incredibly powerful Android phone. The 5.8 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen is revolutionary. The entire face of the phone is used, unlike other phones that have some wasted space. The camera on the Samsung S8 is powerful and produced some incredible pictures. The camera also can take 4K videos at 30fps, or 1080p at 60fps. This phone felt exceptionally fast thanks to the octa-core and 4GB of ram. All games, apps, and movies loaded instantly. The Galaxy S8 is also water and dust resistant, which is so important when teens are using them. The display on this phone is so impressive, and the fingerprint reader is a great time saver. The battery life on this phone was very long and it charged quite fast when needed.  Phone calls sound crystal clear and my friends actually asked if I got a new phone. This is a perfect phone for teens who want a great screen, processor, and camera.

Google Pixel 2XL Tech Gift Guide great choice for 2018

Google Pixel 2XL: The Google Pixel 2XL is an Android phone that runs on Android Oreo. This phone takes some of the best pictures I have ever seen. With a 6 inch edge to edge screen every app, game, and photo looks incredible. Google Lens is an incredible resource. If you hold up the camera, it will tell you more about what you are looking at. Google Assistant is a butler that lives inside the Pixel 2XL. When you squeeze the sides of the phone the google assistant offers to make a restaurant reservation, book your travel, or call you an Uber. The Pixel 2XL has great battery life and I never run out of charge with a full day’s use. This phone is also water resistant. We used the Pixel 2XL with the Google Daydream View, a virtual reality console. The View is very comfortable to wear. Some games were preloaded on to the Daydream View. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes was a group game that kept our family laughing for hours.

JBL clip bluetooth splashproof speaker part of the tech gift guide

JBL Clip2: This gift is fabulous for anyone who loves music. The JBL Clip2 is a Bluetooth speaker that is water resistant and has up to 5 hours of playtime per charge. With a 3.5 inch retractable cable, you can even use this speaker with devices that do not have Bluetooth enabled on them. My teen sons love to take this speaker in the shower! The built-in clip on top makes it easy to clip it to your backpack, belt loop, or anywhere you want. 

Moto G5 from Republic Wireless is the Wifi first phone in our tech gift guide

Moto G5 Plus from Republic Wireless: The Moto G5 Plus from Republic Wireless is a perfect first phone for kids. These phones first connect to wifi, if available, and then connect to the Sprint network. My middle school son is on wifi 98% of his day, so this phone is a great solution for him. One of my favorite parts of the Republic Wireless network is the no contract service. Each month we can decide if we want to continue or end our service. The phones are also very reasonably priced and work really well! My son really likes the camera, apps, games, and the ease of use with the Moto G5 Plus. This phone charges quickly and the battery lasts very long. The fingerprint sensor saves a lot of time and works great on the Moto G5 Plus. Phone calls are very clear and with the wifi first plan, my son is able to make a very small data plan last all month long. Look into this phone and service as a perfect starter phone for kids and grandparents.

Speck Presidio Wallet Case for iPhone X is a great tech gift

Speck presidio wallet case: All of our electronics are safely covered in Speck cases. Speck carries cases for all Apple and Android phones. They also have covers and cases for e-readers, tablets and computers. If you need an awesome bag to store all your electronics in they also carry stylish backpacks. We wrote more about the backpacks here.  If your tech lover does not need any new electronics a fun case can be a great gift too!

Omnia magnetic wireless car charger in the tech gift guide

Bezalel Omnia: Wireless charging is the wave of the future. Not needing to plug in your phone is a huge convenience. I put my iPhone 7 plus in the Latitude case and then it was ready to charge wirelessly. I love that I can just magnetically clip my phone to the Omnia and not have to worry if I have the right charging cable with me. The Omnia also holds the phone in the perfect position for turn by turn directions. Bezalel is the premier brand for wireless charging. The Futura X Wireless charging pad is another Bezalel product we tested and it worked great with the iPhone X.

Etymotic safe kids headphones and noise cancelling Tech Gift Guide

Etykids Etymotic safe headphones for kids: If you have any children who love tech, this is a perfect gift for them. Etymotic Research sells the best and safest headphones for kids and adults. These headphones are noise isolating and have a volume control so kids can safely listen to their music and videos. There are a variety of eartips so your child can have a perfect fit. They also come in a convenient carrying case so they are ready for on the go travel. In today’s society kids are losing their hearing from all the loud noises they hear each day. With Etykids you will not have to worry about hearing damage again. 

Tech gift guide

I received review products to test. Each item went through vigorous testing before being added to our Holiday Gift Guide. Only my favorite products are included in this list. Some links are affiliate links, and I might receive a very small commission if you click through the links on my blog. Part of this tech guide is a sponsored opportunity with MomSelect and HP. Thank you! 

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