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How is it December already? Time really flies when you are having too much fun. This year went way too quickly. I am so thankful for each and every reader on my blog. Thank you for sharing some time with us this year. We hope you enjoy our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. We have tested and used each of these items and we only recommend the very best gifts for you. There is really something for everyone on your list this year. Happy holidays everyone!

1. Ember Mug: Have you ever made a cup of coffee in the morning, got busy, and then your coffee got too cold to drink it? With the Ember Mug this will not happen to you any longer. The Ember mug looks sleek and feels so nice in your hand. It is a perfect weight and has quickly become the favorite mug in the house. In order to use the heating feature, you simply download an app and set what your favorite temperature is for drinking. You can adjust that temperature throughout the day. If you feel colder, turn your drink up warmer. This mug would make a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys warm beverages.

2.Razor Power A5 scooter: The Razor Power A5 scooter is a great gift for any kids on your list. This scooter makes walks so much more fun. My daughter uses this scooter while my husband walks our dog. I love that it does not go too fast. It feels very safe and sturdy and goes a perfect speed. This scooter is also very easy to learn how to use. After about 1 minute, my daughter had the hang of it. A rechargeable battery charges quickly and easily. We leave it plugged in the garage. The handlebars are a perfect size and a great place to leave your helmet hanging.

3.: An electric toothbrush might seem like a silly present. If you have a teen girl this rose gold rechargeable toothbrush might make a perfect gift. My daughter not only loves the way this toothbrush looks in her bathroom, but she also loves how clean it makes her teeth feel. She was surprised at how great this toothbrush worked. The toothbrush charges with a simple USB cord and does not need charging very often. It also comes with a carrying case, perfect to take on sleepovers. A toothbrush might seem like a silly gift for a 2019 holiday gift guide, but this brush has really impressed us!

4.JumpSmart Power Bank: The JumpSmart power bank is a gift that everyone needs in their car. The carrying case keeps all the pieces together and takes up very little space in your trunk. I really hope you will never need to use the JumpSmart but if you need it, you will be happy it is there. The JumpSmart includes jumper cables, a flashlight, and one power bank to quickly charge your cell phone. The flashlight has 4 settings and is super bright (the brightest flashlight I have ever seen). The best part of the JumpSmart is that it only needs to be charged once every three months (unless you use up the charge). JumpSmart is a great gift for a new driver for peace of mind.

5.Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure: Our entire family is crazy about the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure. This is our number one recommendation for the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. The Ring Fit Adventure appeals to kids and adults of all ages. Young or old, you can enjoy some fun indoor exercise using the Ring apparatus. You must have a Nintendo Switch gaming system in order to use this game. The Ring Fit Adventure makes exercise fun and is also a great indoor exercise solution. Each member of your family creates a character and you help your character achieve various exercise elements. The workouts are surprisingly challenging and truly motivating. Each week our family competes to see who can get the farthest. This gift not only is so much fun, but it also helps keep you in shape!

6.Nomad Wireless Chargers: This base station wireless charger can charge your phone and Apple watch at the same time while looking super stylish. I love that you do not need to plug in either the watch or phone and you can wake up with both totally charged. This Nomad base station can also charge your Airpods. It is a sleek desk or night table charger that would make a great gift for anyone on your list. Three devices can be charged at once and the apple watch charger is built right into the base station. This gift will definitely appeal to tweens, teens, and all Apple fans.

7.The Bee Simulator Game: It is hard to find a video game that is a good blend of education and fun. Unlike most games in this category, Bee Simulator is a really fun and playful game that shows you what life is like as a bee. You can fly around, collect pollen, help your hive and explore the world. While the game is geared towards younger players, it is a great game for parents to play with their children. The controls and gameplay are fairly easy with some rewarding challenges, which is a benefit for both younger children and their parents. The graphics are beautiful and really give you an important perspective of what the bees see and how important they are for our world.

8.Instant Pot Cookbook: This cookbook is a great gift for someone who loves their Instant Pot. So many people are jumping on the Instant Pot bandwagon. Who does not want a delicious meal to be ready in 10 minutes? I love my Instant Pot and I love the quick recipes that are in this cookbook. This co0kbook by food blogger, Michelle Fagone (from Cavegirl Cuisine), has tons of creative recipes that will be ready in no time at all. Many of the recipes provide many options so you can customize each recipe to your family’s specifications. The recipes for broccoli cheese soup and peanut butter cheesecake are both family favorites. This cookbook would also make a great gift with an Instant Pot.

I hope you enjoyed my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. Which gift would you like to buy for yourself or for your family?

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