Fish oil for kids

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kids smart fish oil burstlets in a heart shape

Fish oil for kids

Have you ever considered giving fish oil to your kids? Over the past ten years we have tried many different fish oil products. Kids Smart fish oil burstlets wins two awards from us: the cutest shape, as well as the best-tasting fish oil. The fish-shaped burstlets are chewed and then you receive a fruity burst squirted right in your mouth. The chewy fish shaped coating dissolves in your mouth or you can dispose of it. Another way to take this fish oil is to simply twist off the tail and squeeze the liquid right into your mouth. My kids like to add break off the tail and then add the fish oil to their favorite food, a spoon of applesauce or a shot of juice.

What exactly are Omega-3s?

Omega-3s are an important part of a healthy diet. Omega-3s are fatty acids that help immunity, heart health, and brain function. For kids, all of these areas of their bodies are growing very rapidly. Omega-3s are an important part of healthy development. Omega-3s cannot be produced by your body, so you need to obtain them from foods or supplements. Fish oil provides two essential omega-3 fatty acids: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

kids smart omega 3s fish oil burstlets

What makes Kids Smart Fish Oil different from other Fish oils?

Kids Smart High DHA Fish Oil chewable burstlets are micro-encapsulated, which means there is no fish taste! When you are looking for a fish oil for kids you do not want it to taste too fishy! Kids Smart is specifically formulated to help provide children with sufficient levels of Omega-3 Fish Oil nutrients DHA and EPA. Kids Smart Fish Oil provides up to 10 times more fish oil than other kids’ supplements. These fish oil burstlets are gluten-free and free of yeast, wheat, and dairy. The Kids Smart Fish Oil contains a high amount of DHA fish oil (133 mg) which is much higher than most other fish oil supplements.

Fish Oil can help kids with ADHD

Did you know that kids with ADHD have lower levels of omega-3s in their bodies? Fish oil can sometimes help with hyperactivity, behavior issues, and can improve attention spans. Many kids who take fish oil find their mental clarity skills much stronger and they are able to concentrate in school better. Omega-3s can also help to reduce impulsiveness and helps children focus their attention longer.

kids smart fish oil

What are the benefits of taking Fish Oil?

  • Fish oil can reduce triglycerides
  • Fish oil can lower blood pressure
  • Fish oil can reduce the likelihood of heart attack or stroke
  • Fish oil can slow the likelihood of plaque building in the arteries
  • Fish oil can reduce the likelihood of developing a heart arrhythmia
  • Fish oil can lower the risk of asthma in children
  • Fish oil can help children sleep better
  • Fish oil supports healthy brain function
  • Fish oil supports eye health

Where can you buy Kids Smart Fish oil for kids?

Kids Smart High DHA Fish Oil Chewable Burstlets can be purchased on Amazon in 30 count or 180 count bottles. You can save 20% when you purchase a 30-count bottle of Kids Smart High DHA Fish Oil Chewable Burstlets on Amazon at with the promo code 20MM20KS. Offer ends March 14, 2020.

kids smart fish oil burstlets

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