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Vegan Snacks

love corn vegan gluten free snacks

I am always looking for the best vegan snacks to keep my family happy. Our favorite snacks are typically salty and crunchy. When I first heard about Love Corn I was excited to try them. I will never forget when my kids were very little I would tell them that the food I made was made with love. Love corn is no different, these snacks are filled with love. I do have to share a warning with you. If you start to eat these snacks, you might become addicted, and have trouble stopping eating them. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Best Vegan Snacks

love corn vegan gluten free snacks

Love Corn can be eaten as a delicious snack right out of the bag. I do not know why they make the bags resealable because we always eat them in one sitting. We have been enjoying our love corn many other ways as well. You can add them to the top of your salad, as they make excellent croutons. You can put some in your soup, they do not get soft too quickly! You can also add them into a delicious savory trail mix with almonds, cashews, and raisins. Love corn is a great addition to a charcuterie board too. These plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher snacks are very versatile and satisfying. They are also a perfect snack to go with a glass of beer or wine.

simple corn snack with few ingredients

Healthy vegan snacks that are crunchy and delicious

Love Corn is a crunchy and delicious snack that is made with 3 simple ingredients: corn, salt, and sunflower oil. They come in four flavor varieties. There are no added flavors or artificial seasonings included. Simple ingredients and an excellent crunchy taste. Love Crunch comes in these delicious flavors:

  • Sea Salt
  • BBQ
  • Salt and Vinegar
  • Habanero

love crunch snacks vegan snacks

Vegan Snack Ideas

These crunchy corn snacks taste amazing and filling while remaining light and extremely satisfying. The sea salt is a lightly salted corn snack with the perfect amount of crunch. The BBQ flavor isn’t overly spicy, with a simple mixture of hickory flavors. The salt and vinegar flavor isn’t overpowered by the vinegar, they are mild with a slight tang. The habanero chili is the spiciest of the four flavors. However, we still did not find it to be too spicy to snack on, simply a perfect bite for the spice lovers. These veg snacks are perfect for lunchboxes, car snacks, or eating while watching tv. If you loved corn nuts as a kid, you will be thrilled with this more modern, less crunchy version.

heart shaped basket holding vegan love corn snacks

Plant-based snacks

Finding plant-based snacks that the whole family loves is not an easy task. Many plant-based snacks are lacking flavor. The Love Corn flavors are right on point, not too overpowering, with a perfect amount of spice and saltiness. These high protein vegan snacks are non-GMO which is hard to find when you are looking for a corn snack.

heart shaped bowl with love corn inside

Coupon Code for LOVE CORN

I know you want to try these delicious corn snacks. You can save 25% on all LOVE CORN products when you use the promo code MOMSLOVE on their website. Click here to save. You can also send a free snack pack (one pack of each flavor) to someone you love in their Valentine’s Day promotion. Click here and only pay a small shipping charge for a loved one to try all 4 flavors.

Which flavor would you want to try first?

I received a variety of Love Corn for free from Moms Meet so that I could try them and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

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