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One of my children does not like to read. It is difficult to find books that catch her eye and can keep her attention. We recently learned about the Explorer Academy series from National Geographic Kids. There are a few things about this adventure books for kids series that appeal to my daughter.

  • The books are exciting and are difficult to put down. You might hear, please let me read one chapter at night.
  • Great pictures and illustrations are included in each book, which makes fewer words on each page.
  • An exciting adventure makes you want to continue reading each book and makes you look forward to the next one.
  • The book is very high quality and the paper is very thick and it feels good to hold and read the books.
  • The font is quite large so it is easy to tackle a few chapters in one sitting and also makes it easier to read.
  • Many strong female characters for my daughter to look up to.
  • Secret codes, puzzles, and symbols are hidden in the book, so it is an immersive and exciting experience that your reluctant reader will enjoy.

explorer academy adventure book series

The protagonist in this book is named Cruz Coronado. He is a 12-year-old boy from Hawaii whose favorite pastime is surfing. Cruz leaves home and joins the Explorer Academy to become one of the next great explorers and to also try to figure out a family mystery. At the Explorer Academy, 22 other kids join Cruz from around the world to be trained as the next generation of explorers. After Cruz spends some time at the Academy he realizes that his family has a mysterious past that could jeopardize his entire future.

national geographic kids

5 book adventure kids series

This series has 5 books so far:

  1. The Nebula Secret
  2. The Falcon’s Feather
  3. The Double Helix
  4. The Star Dunes
  5. The Tiger’s Next

Trudi Trueit is the author of this series. She has written more than 100 books for children. Trudi was also a television news reporter and a weather forecaster. The illustrator of this series is Scott Plumbe. Dr. Gareth Moore was the code master for this series and he created the puzzles and codes that you use to solve the mystery throughout each book. The Explorer Academy web hub has tons of content for you and your kids to enjoy: character profiles, meet real explorers, play games, watch videos, and learn more about the truth behind the fiction.

cool art in the nebula secret

One of our favorite parts of the book is the Truth Behind the Fiction section at the end of each book. You can read about the real-life science and experiments that inspired the adventures in each story.

National Geographic Kids inspires young children who love adventure to explore the world through their award-winning magazines, books, website, apps, tv series, games, and more. It is the only major kids brand with a scientific organization at its core. This National Geographic Kids series is fun to read fiction with gorgeous illustrations and a great story to keep kids involved.

explorer academy campus map

The Explorer Academy series is fact-based fiction. The stories and events are based on real-life adventures of National Geographic explorers. Your kids will be engaged and want to read more since the stories include intriguing codebreaking challenges, near-future technology, and a storyline that encourages deductive reasoning, and problem-solving. The explorers in the book include a diverse group of kids from cultures around the world. The themes of the stories teach the value of family, friendship, family, trust, and loyalty. Each book purchase helps to support exploration, research, education, and conservation projects by the National Geographic Society. explorer academy by trudi trueit

When we read about the places the Explorers visited, we pulled up videos and watched them so we could experience these amazing destinations at home. During the pandemic, we are not able to travel at all, but we feel like we have visited every continent through the Explorer Academy series. One of our favorite destinations was the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico. We watched this video and learned all about the migration of the monarch butterflies. This book series was a great way to learn about incredible places around the world and then study them more in-depth with our family.

Explorer academy book for reluctant readers

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I received this set of books for free from Moms Meet to read and post my honest opinions about. Compensation for this post was provided. This page may contain affiliate links.

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