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Eco friendly disinfectant

AGent+ eco friendly cleaner

Finding the safest cleaning products for my family is so important to me. I have five children and I have a dog. I need to be sure that the cleaning products that I am using are safe for everyone. More importantly, I want our cleaning products to protect us for more than a few minutes. As soon as I heard about AGent+ cleaner and protectants I was sold. Let me tell you all about this fantastic eco friendly disinfectant.

The kitchen counter is the one spot that I am constantly cleaning. After I go grocery shopping, I put all my bags there and then sanitize the counter before anyone cooks anything. With AGent+ hard surface disinfectant I can clean the counter and then enjoy long lasting protection for THREE DAYS. Regular cleaning products typically keep my counter clean a few hours. Less cleaning is a win for this busy Mom.

AGent+ eco friendly cleaner

The eco friendly disinfectant market is overwhelming

If you walk down the cleaning aisle of your local store, you will probably be completely overwhelmed quickly. There are SO MANY options to choose from. Half the aisle screams, pick me, I am non toxic. While the other half of the aisle carries your traditional cleaning products. If you have children or pets you have an added level of concern and a very difficult decision to make. Which eco friendly disinfectant will actually work best? Which product will protect your family from all the harmful germs and viruses that are out there right now? The answer is clear to me, AGent+ is the best protection for my family and yours.

Instructions for making AGent+ in nesting kit

How is AGent+ unique?

  • You can spray once and keep your surfaces clean for three days.
  • You can clean the inside and outside of your car, including the seats, handles, steering wheel, and even the kid’s carseats.
  • Spray AGent+ will remove fungus and or bacteria that can cause odors.
  • Around your house you can safely spray AGent+ directly on permeable surfaces like chairs, couches, rugs, stuffed animals, pet bedding, stuffed animals and toys.
  • Easily clean and protect hard surface items like door handles, steering wheels, kid’s play areas, countertops, cribs and changing tables, light switches, railings, and so much more.
  • AGent+ can eliminate cigarette smoke smells from vehicles.
  • Unlike traditional cleaning products, after AGent+ dries, it continues to provide long-lasting protection for 3 days (72 hours) for Multi-Surface items and 24 hours for Hard Surface items.
  • There is a very light citrus smell after using AGent+, no harsh chemical smells.
  • All the packaging for AGent+ is sustainable packaging.

usage instructions for AGent+

When was AGent+ first released?

AGent+ Cleaner & Protectants first came out 11 years ago. It was created by a couple in Wisconsin who wanted a new cleaning product. After they did lots of research, they realized three important things.

  1. Many of the “greener” products were only a little bit less harmful than other undiluted counterparts.
  2. All of the cleaning products required constant and repeat applications of product, because they don’t offer lasting protection.
  3. After they combined two natural elements, copper and silver, they created AGent+ an environmentally safe cleaner that protects surfaces for up to three days after cleaning them.

How does AGent+ last for 3 days?

The Multi-Purpose solution has a formula that creates an invisible layer on a surface. The invisible layer continues to regenerate ions for up to 3 days. AGent+ is made from natural ingredients so you do not have to worry about any harsh chemicals or harming any of your surfaces.

AGent+ household cleaners

AGent+ Sampling Kit

The AGent+ sampling kit, pictured above, comes with an AGent+ Hard Surface Sustainable Nesting Kit, a Multi-Surface Sustainable Nesting Kit, an AGent+ microfiber cloth, and travel-size bottles. I love the travel size bottles so I can have a smaller size cleaner to bring with me on short vacations.

Coupon Code for AGent+

I know you want to protect your family too. Save 10% on your first order of an AGent+ Sustainable Nesting Kit, plus get an additional coupon for a FREE Nesting Refill. Use code MomsFreeRefill. This code expires 7/31/22.

I received this product for free from Moms Meet in order to test and try it out with my household. All photos and opinions are honest and 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

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