Last Minute Holiday Gifts

last minute holiday gift guide

You are running out of time to choose your holiday gifts. Maybe you have been working overtime, or have been not feeling well. These gifts are great options, tested by our family, and would make a great gift for any of your family or friends. Happy holidays everyone, looking forward to a fantastic 2023!

Last minute holiday gifts

brain hq subscription

1.BrainHQ membership:

This is the ultimate all-around gift. BrainHQ is an app that you can play on a tablet or a phone. BrainHQ is an app with computerized exercises from Posit Science. It is a perfect way to unwind and relax at the end of the day while improving brain health and performance in a fun, engaging manner. People who use BrainHQ have shown improvements in brain speed, accuracy, and performance. The BrainHQ app, which works on computers, tablets, or phones, was designed by a global team of brain scientists and shown in studies to help people think faster, focus better, and remember more. Click this link to buy a gift subscription to BrainHQ for yourself or someone else. Until Christmas, subscriptions are on sale. A subscription for Brain HQ includes unlimited access to BrainHQ exercises, a personalized program that supports your brain training goal, and a library of brain health material to read, watch, and engage with. Along the way, you also receive reminders, progress tracking, and other features to help you stay on track. We love using the BrainHQ app in my family. My kids, myself, and my parents, have all tried the brain games and we all enjoy it.

rosemary truffle pop art snacks

2.Rosemary Truffle Pop Art Popcorn

There is no snack more beautiful than this bag of rosemary truffle and olive oil popcorn. We recently fell in love with the entire line of Pop Art snacks. The bags are so fun and colorful, while the snacks inside are delicious and addictive. Pop Art gourmet popcorn is not only incredibly delicious, it is good for you too. All the flavors are made with whole grain non GMO corn, are gluten free, and kosher. Our favorite flavors include Pepper Parmesan, Sweet and Salty Sparkles, and Cheddar Jalapeno. Check out all the Pop Art snacks here. Don’t miss the limited-time seasonal flavors (maple sea salt, yum!) or the incredible 3D potato bites, any of these snacks would make a great gift.

the outrageously good chili cookbook

3.The Seriously Good Chili Cookbook

Do you remember the scene in The Office with the chili, when Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone) drops the whole pot of chili? This cookbook is a great gift for chili lovers. I might be a bit biased because my award-winning chili is included in this cookbook on page 153. This cookbook makes a great gift for anyone who loves to cook, Pair it with a big pot to cook the chili in, and you have the ultimate gift. This is the only comprehensive chili cookbook that you will ever need.

What last minute gifts do you like to give?

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