Is it really 2011?

Hi Everyone
Cant believe I have not blogged in a month. Crazy!
The month of December went by in a flash. Sicknesses, holidays, vacation, craziness!
I am back with a great new idea!
While shopping in our local Mom’s Organic Market a number of people stopped to talk with me about things I was buying, products I liked, and recipes I make. I decided to expand this blog and will focus on a few healthy products a week. I will tell you what it is made of, how healthy it is, who likes it in my house, picky kids included, and where you can buy it yourself!
It is always amazing to me how many healthy foods my kids will eat.
I hope you will enjoy my new focus and if you are a healthy food company, we are interested in taste tasting foods and sharing the results with our readers!
Stay tuned for many exciting recipes, food reviews and lots more from cookwith5kids from freezing cold Maryland!

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My assistant and I are getting busy in the kitchen, be back real soon!!

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