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My oldest son plans to attend culinary school one day.  In the mean time, there are plenty of benefits to having a chef in our house.  He can eat a dish in a restaurant then come home and figure out what was used in the recipe and replicate it for […]

Red Pepper Bruschetta

Our chicks have hatched!! We had a live feed webcam that the class could watch last night and it was amazing to see the little chick pecking his way out of the shell.  We were able to see chick #2 come out at 6 am as we got ready for […]

Hatching Chickens!

Little Miss Muffin and Goldie left our Kindergarten class to visit the First Grade for the day.  They sent us two really cute pictures!!  They are growing so fast and have a real personality already.  We are still counting down to our chick eggs hatching! Permanent link to this post

Growing up

I love to have healthy snacks on hand, a go to protein packed quick pick.  Quinoa is an awesome way to add health and protein to the kids diet.  I have posted a quinoa cookie with chocolate chips before, but today I am sharing with you a Quinoa muffin. Once […]

Choose your flavor Quinoa Muffins

The chicks are a huge hit in our Kindergarten class. I am not sure the kids are able to concentrate on much else.  Maybe next week the excitement will settle down a bit? The kids love feeling how soft the chicks are.  They are just too cute, sleeping under the […]

The chicks are so cute!!

As my children grow older, I find myself trying to remember specific milestones.  My memory is spotty though as I age. But this weekend will be a big milestone for my middle child. Being the middle one is a fun position. I was the oldest and I always felt in […]