Presenting Marshmallow, Chicken Pot Pie, Daddy Walnut and Mrs Nobody

Our four chicks who hatched are now living in the safe side of the cage.  Little Miss Muffin and Goldie were a bit aggressive with them, so we made a partition to keep the baby chicks safe.
It is so hard to take photos of these active chicks.  But here are our four new additions to the Kindergarten class.


Chicken Pot Pie

                                                                    Mrs Nobody

                                                                Daddy Walnut

 When I came into class today to read a story and bring a snack I saw this awesome chart on the whiteboard.  The kids had all come up with names for the new chicks.  Each name was written down and as my daughter told me, they did a blind vote.  How cool!!  Some of these names are hilarious.

Diane could hold and play with these chicks all day.  This has been an amazing experience for her and the whole class.

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