Vegetarian Chopped Liver 5


When I was young my Mom made chopped liver every single week.  She broiled chicken livers and mixed in some onions and spices and I remember it being really delicious.  Little did we know how terrible this treat was for us.  Maybe this explains why my Dad had terribly high cholesterol for many years.  As time went by we learned more about what foods were not recommended to eat, and we quickly stopped making chopped liver. Without the traditional chopped liver, we still longed for that flavor.  We tasted many recipes through the years. We tried to make chopped liver with eggplant and even green beans. Neither of those flavors were enjoyable in the liver or pate format.  Maybe we forgot how the real liver tasted, but this recipe for Vegetarian Chopped Liver has been tried and tested in our family for more than 10 years.  The first time we tried a recipe using canned peas, we really did not expect much. But surprise, it tasted amazing.  Who would think that a can of peas would turn into a delicious and nutritious appetizer!  Two of my kids who would never eat a pea by choice, love to eat this vegetarian chopped liver on a pretzel slim cracker. It amazes me every single time they inhale the entire bowl.  The flavor of this vegetarian chopped liver is not really like the real chopped liver that I remember, but that flavor is fuzzy in my mind.  This vegetarian chopped liver is a true family favorite and I hope your family will agree.



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