Gift guide for the 1-3 year old toddlers #Giftguide 2015 2

Gifts for the toddlers, 1-3 year old #Giftguide 2015

Toddlers are busy little people. They need gifts that will keep their attention while enriching their brains.  Toddlers are sponges and they will soak up anything and everything you tell them, show them, give to them.  These 5 toddler gifts are perfect: they will keep their attention, teach them something, and they will come back to them again and again.  Here are my top 5 toddler gifts in no particular order:

  1. Hide N Squeak Eggs by Tomy:  These eggs are so much fun. My sons loved their eggs for many years.  Each egg fits into one spot based on the shape on the bottom of the egg.  Each egg is also a different color and squeaks as you push on the top of the egg.  Each egg is decorated differently and fits together one particular way.  The eggs might be hard for a 1 year old to master, but by 3 years old he will be an expert.  Parents will model and teach their child how to use them correctly.  Your toddler will learn how to sort by shape and color.  This is a perfect sized toy, at a great price point, with play that will last for years!
  2. Caillou Best Friend Doll:  When my teens were little they loved Caillou. I never really liked him very much, but he made my kids happy and it gave me a short window of quiet time in our house.  This Caillou doll is pretty cool. Your child can hold Caillou’s hand and sing the theme song with him.  Your child can also feed him a healthy snack of milk or apple.  When my son was young it was hard to find “boy” dolls, this doll would be perfect for all the little boys, or little girls. Your child will also have fun putting his jacket and hat on and off!
  3. Eeny Meeny Miny Zoo Building Blocks by Haba:  I am a Haba junkie. I love all the wooden toys they make and I owned many of them for my kids.  This zoo building set is one of the first block sets my toddlers used.  The pieces are the perfect size for the big toddler hands.  The blocks also have cute animal faces on them.  The blocks are the best size to easily stack without falling down constantly.  This block set is a bit pricey, but you cannot put a price tag on the creativity and imagination that will be formed with these blocks!
  4. Pound and Tap Bench with xylophone by Hape:  I also love Hape toys. They are so sturdy and colorful and they also encourage imagination.  Whoever you buy this toy for will love you forever.  Toddlers love to pound things, bang things and make music and noise.  This toy combines all these loves in one adorable porduct.  Hitting the balls with the small hammer is very satisfying to toddlers.  They will also use the same hammer to play the xylophone.  Imagine their excitement when the ball falls through the hole and plays a note on the xylophone.  I promise, this toy will provide hours of fun for any toddler.
  5. Number Lovin Oven by Leapfrog:  Leapfrog is another classic toy company. I have been buying Leapfrog toys for the past 20 years.  Their toys are awesome and truly loved by all children.  The number lovin oven is adorable.  Younger children can just use their imagination and “bake” you some of the included food.  Older toddlers will actually learn how to count and learn their numbers (younger kids will too!).  There are more than 30 phrases and songs to teach counting, time, temperature, parts of a whole, sharing, and so much more!  I love that the oven makes real cooking sounds (never too early to learn how to cook) and I also love toys that have easy cleanup (all the pieces fit into the oven)

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    • Sara Post author

      I really love toys that clean up nicely, and all fit nicely into one small area. It is also a great way to teach young children, especially toddlers how to clean up. Your little guy will fall in love with the squeaky eggs. He will also learn about colors, shapes and sizes, such a fun toy!