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New Year's resolutions with Babbleboxx full story at

Happy 2017 everyone! When I was in kindergarten, I wrote a short story about the year 2020. My story was full of flying cars and robots doing all our work. Now we are right on the brink of a date that I thought would take a lifetime to reach. I cannot believe how quickly time goes by, and I feel like each year goes by faster than the last. January 2017, and it is time for a fresh start and a clean slate. Along with the new year comes new year’s resolutions.

When Babbleboxx contacted me and invited me to review a box full of products to help me with my New Year’s resolutions, I quickly said yes. I have followed along on social media and watched the other Babbleboxxes unfold this past year. I have already incorporated all of these products and brands into our daily lives, and I am excited to share them with you today.

New Year's resolutions with Babbleboxx full story at

There were 10 items included in the New Year’s Resolution Babbleboxx.

1.Food, Health and Happiness by Oprah Winfrey is a gorgeous new cookbook with 115 On-Point recipes and personal stories shared by Oprah. Oprah Winfrey is such an incredibly inspiring and amazing woman and any recipe that helps her lose weight is one I am definitely going to try. So far we enjoyed two recipes from the cookbook. The Potato Crusted Chilean Sea Bass was a family favorite. The potatoes that surrounded the tender sea bass provided a delightfully delicious potato chip crust. The second dish we tried was the Tuscan Kale and Apple Salad. This salad had a crunchy topping made up of celery, apples, cranberries, walnuts and fennel. The light vinaigrette was a simple mixture of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, EVOO and spices. If you enjoy healthy cooking you should definitely pick up a copy of this cookbook and learn how to create food that is as it should be. My resolution to eat healthier is made easier by having this cookbook and trying all the healthy recipes there are to choose from.

New Year's resolutions with Babbleboxx full story at

2.Made in Nature Tart Cherry Fig Figgy Pops is a delicious certified organic and healthy supersnack. It is NonGMO verified, kosher, and made up of healthy ingredients with no added fillers or preservatives. These pops are made of figs, dates, tart cherries, cashews and walnuts. This energy ball mixture is then rolled into a coconut and cacao nib coating. There is no refined sugar, just a touch of organic maple syrup to keep the supersnack together in a perfect pop shape. A serving size is 2 pops and each serving has 3 grams of fiber. Made in Nature has a special offer for me to share with you. Save $10 off your $39 order at this link, by using the code janboosters. This code is valid from now until February 28th. These energy balls taste so fresh and delicious, they almost leave you feeling like a superhero. My resolution to eat healthier snacks is made incredibly easy with Figgy Pops. When I am feeling tired and mentally exhausted at 3 pm, 2 figgy pops make a perfect pick-me-up snack.

3.JUST Water is a really convenient way to drink 100% spring water. It is sold in a box made of renewable resources instead of a plastic bottle. The water that is used in Just Water is sourced in Glens Falls, New York. JUST water is really reasonably priced at only $.99 for a 16.9 oz container. This bottled water tastes very clean and has no after taste. If you need to keep some water in a very hot car it is no longer safe to do that with plastic bottles. Keeping a box of JUST water in your car would be a much safer alternative. The container is made from paper and plant-based plastic from sugarcane which results in a 74% reduction in CO2 emissions. If you would like to buy some JUST water click this link.  The JUST water company pays Glens Falls 6 times more than any other water user in the city. In the next 3-5 years they will create over 1 million dollars in revenue for Glens Falls. My resolution to buy less plastic this year is easily accomplished by switching to JUST water.

4.Sipscriptions teas from Tea Forté make the perfect gift for the tea lovers on your list. These tea leaves are blended with herbs, spices, and botanicals. These teas are a natural remedy and are a source of good health. Tea Forté is handcrafted in small batches to ensure that each blend is made from the perfect combinations. Since drinking these Tea Forté blends, my mind has felt clearer and my body has felt better. These tea blends are perfectly in tune with my new year’s resolution to take more time each day to relax and think. My daily life is so hectic, and I really need to carve out some time each day for me. The SIPSCRIPTIONS collection comes in a few varieties including the pyramid infusers, loose tea canisters, and single steeps. The SIPSCRIPTIONS come in 5 flavors: Reboot, Resist, Regroup, Results, and Retreat. My favorite blend so far is the Retreat blend which is perfect for relaxation. I love the KATI steeping cup which you can find here, it is the perfect way to brew a cup of looseleaf tea. If you want to try this healing organic wellness detox tea visit their website and take 10% any Sipscriptions off using the code WELLNESS until 1/31/17.

5,6,7&8. FITS Socks are the best fitting socks on the planet. I am a total sock snob. I have tried so many pairs and most of them I really dislike. I received 4 FITS socks to try: an ultra light runner sock, a light runner sock, a light hiker sock, and a medium hiker sock. The FITS socks come in super cute colors and patterns. Beyond the great colors, it is the FIT of the socks that is perfection. The FITS socks hug your feet. While each pair is a different thickness, and perfect for a different activity, they all provide your feet with a consistant hug throughout the day. I wore a pair on a 14 hour catering job, and I was on my feet the entire time. I was surprised at the end of the day that my feet felt great. FITS socks are created by a third and fourth generation textile manufacturer who together created the best fitting sock in the marketplace. This product line combines the best fit and the best performance all in one sock. There is a $200 giveaway from the FITS company ending soon. Click here, type in your email address, and you are entered to win. My new year’s resolutions are to get fit, and with FITS socks, exercise is much easier, as my feet feel great during and after exercise.

9&10.EQUAL Beanie and Bracelet are the final two items included in my box. The EQUAL brand was created to encourage everyone to express their belief in equality no matter who they are. The symbol of a circle connected to an equal sign is the perfect way to symbolize equality. The EQUAL brand would like to disrupt discrimination and help everyone feel equal. Visit the EQUAL website here and wear it, share it, and help change the world. My final resolution is to treat everyone equally, and when I am wearing my EQUAL beanie or bracelet, I strive to do my absolute best in showing everyone I meet respect and equality.


New Year's resolutions with Babbleboxx full story at

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