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  • TiffinTalk helps you communicate better with your children via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog TiffinTalk helps you improve communication with your children - Do your kids come home from school and say that nothing happens each day? With TiffinTalk your children will be encouraged to share how they are feeling and what is happening in their lives. Cards are available for children as young as preschool up until high school. Each box of personalized questions is used as a […]
  • Mother's Day Giveaway via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog Mother’s Day Giveaway - Welcome to the best Mother’s Day Giveaway on the web, featuring over $1300 in prizes. All of these prizes were invented by Moms. As a Mom to five kids, I have thought of many inventions over the years, but I have never taken the leap and actually developed one of my inventions. Last week I posted […]
  • Massaman Fish Curry with Bacalao Saltfish via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog Massaman Fish Curry - Massaman Fish Curry Made Easy Massaman Fish Curry is a healthy dinner that your family with love. I am sharing this recipe which is my entry into the CFE International saltfish blogger recipe challenge. I had a hard time choosing what to make for this contest. Last week my son asked me to make him […]
  • Unique Mother's Day Gifts via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas - Mom does not need another mug that says “World’s Best Mom”. If you already bought a mug, Mom will hug you, thank you, and put the mug in the cabinet along with the other 20 mugs that she already owns. Now is the time to get creative and think outside the box. I am sharing […]
  • 10 Healthy snacks to get you ready for vacation via Cookwith5kids @cookwith5kids mom blog 10 Healthy snacks to get you ready for vacation - Healthy Snacks to get you ready for vacation We all want to get our bikini body ready, right? Our house is fully stocked with lots of healthy snacks. If you do not buy junk food your family cannot eat it. Simple concept to follow really. When we snack we try to make sure it is always […]