Italian Pizza made at home!

Our family loves pizza. It is ridiculous how much pizza we consume each month.  No matter what recipe I make, no matter, how I cook it, the pizza we get from a brick oven restaurant always tastes better.
Recently I got an email from Williams Sonoma featuring a new product from Breville. I have many Breville products, and they are all awesome.  I deleted the email, only to read about this same pizza maker on a blog two months later.  Somehow Williams Sonoma must have been reading my mind, since that same day they sent me a coupon for 15% off any item in their online store.  I showed the son who is a chef, and he said buy it.

The Breville Pizza Maker is pretty amazing.  It has a pizza stone that can be removed and cleaned.  The crust that comes out of these pizzas is incredible!!!  I have no idea how this works, but it is awesome.
A few warnings about this pizza maker
*You will consume too much pizza
*You will make a big mess while creating your pizzas

*You might set off your smoke detector if you do not clean your pizza stone.  And then your dog will completely freak out at the beeping of the smoke detector.
*You might inhale many amazing pizzas in a short period of time. You have been warned!

*It will be hard to get a good photo of a pizza, because they are eaten too quickly.
What is your favorite kitchen gadget? 

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