Molly has approved these Hartz dog products 30

Molly Approved dog toys!


We rescued our dog Molly just over 2 years ago and each day we fall in love with her a little bit more.  She is such a special part of our family.  Molly appears in many of our Youtube videos, Instagram posts and Tweets.  So, it is about time that she pulls her weight and helps us review some dog products on the blog.  When I asked Molly if she was up for the challenge, she wagged her tail and I took that as a yes.  This blog is a true family affair. Each person has a unique job and I love the way everyone really pitches in with each post. Thanks Molly, it’s about time that you stepped up and started helping out.


The doorbell rang last week and I am not joking, Molly knew the box was for her.  Yes, she always gets excited when a box arrives, but she immediately started to sniff this box of dog goodies, using her doggy intuition.  The first things we tested were the toys shown above.  Out of these 4 items Molly loved the duraplay small ball the best. It bounces really nicely and smells like bacon.  It is the perfect size to play with inside the house.  Molly will pick it up and drop it at my feet, basically demanding that it is play time.  Molly also loved the chew’n clean toys with the edible center. She chewed that up quite fast.

hartz dog toys, tuff stuff

Next, Molly was happy to meet these 2 ducks.  These two plush ducks are part of the Hartz Tuff Stuff dog toy line.  I really wish these ducks were a bit tougher.  Molly was so excited to run off with each of these ducks.  Unfortunately, they met a quick demise in Molly’s hands.  She had them torn apart in record time, then looked around asking, where did those ducks go? While they lasted, she loved them very much.


Hartz also carries flea and tick drops, sprays, shampoos and collars as well.  Hartz is the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted brand in the pet category!  Hartz has plenty of choices for flea and tick prevention.  Molly has been wearing the flea and tick collar since it arrived and we have not found any ticks on her.  It is working! Having peace of mind that Molly is safe from fleas and ticks is priceless. #NOFT  If you would like to try one of these Hartz products you can print some coupons here.

Molly, our rescue dog

Molly says, what are you waiting for, go buy your dog a new toy!

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