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Do you have a blogger in your life who you need to buy a gift for? I have polled some of my favorite bloggers and asked them what gifts they would like to receive.  This list was compiled from their answers.  Here are the top 10 things you can buy for your favorite blogger.  I promise you, any blogger would be very happy to be gifted with something from this list.  And bloggers, if you have anything to add, please leave me a comment below.

  1. Partstock Business Card Holder:   All bloggers need a safe place to store their business cards.  This case makes a bold statement while keeping the all important business cards safely secured in your bag.  This holder can also store an ID, a hotel room key or a credit card as well as multiple business cards.
  2. HP Envy 5540 Printer:  The HP Envy All-in-One printer is a perfect gift for your favorite blogger, or really anyone on your list!  This compact printer solution for their home and office can print, scan and copy.  It is well priced and if you register before Dec 31, 2015 you also get 6 free months of free ink!  With the HP Instant Ink program, you join a subscription plan and HP will consistently ship you ink so you will never run out.  Plans start as low as $2.99 a month and are based on pages printed, not cartridges used.  This Printer is a great deal at under $85!
  3. EAT USA Biscotti:  Bloggers love to snack!  Why not buy your favorite blogger a snack made in the USA?  All the products sold on the EAT USA website are made, grown & produced exclusively in the USA.  EAT USA brings you an assortment of specialty products that would make a perfect gift.  EAT USA carries over 400 products including Maple Syrup from Vermont, Salted Caramel from Minnesota, Black Pepper Bacon from South Carolina, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California and much more.  I fell in love with this adorable jar of biscotti hand made by a bakery in Ohio. I am sure you can also find an amazing gift on the EAT USA website.
  4. 60 Gel Pens Pack:  This set of 60 Gel pens is perfect to go along with one of the Blogging Journals or Planners.  It is so much more fun to color code your blogging plans.  You can keep one shade of colors for your Pinterest posts, another for Facebook, etc…. Gel Pens are also great for adult coloring books.  You can find an amazing list of 100 adult coloring books here.
  5. The Personal Internet Address & Password Book:  This book is really a perfect gift for ANYONE, but your favorite blogger will definitely put this book to good use.  No one can remember all their crazy passwords these days.  This book alphabetically helps you organize all your passwords in one place.  This gift is priceless and worth every penny!
  6. Acuvar Camera Backpack:  This camera bag goes perfectly with the Canon EOS Rebel camera set below.  This bag will hold your camera, lenses, filters, camcorder, and anything else you might need for a photography shoot. This is also a great way to bring your camera to a show, conference, or other event.  Perfect gift and way to keep your blogging camera well protected.
  7. Canon EOS Rebel DSLR Camera Kit:  I just bought this camera as a present to myself last week. As a blogger you really need a good camera.  So far it is amazing.  This kit comes with tons of accessories, lenses, tripods, just about everything a blogger would need to get started in photography.  So far I have only used the camera on automatic, but I know once I learn more I will be taking incredible photos and improving my blog tenfold.  If your favorite blogger does not have a nice DSLR camera, this kit is a winner!
  8. Epic Blog Editorial Planner:  Does your favorite blogger want to make their blog more profitable? The Epic Blog book is a one year business plan.  The months are blank, so you can start planning at any time.  This book will help your blogger get organized, set goals, track progress, and grow their blog and increase profits.
  9. 365 Blog topic Idea Book:  Does your favorite blogger have trouble coming up with topics to write about on their blog?  This book has one idea per day, so 365 unique suggestions on what you could blog about.  Coming up with a great topic is half the battle, but with this gift, your blogger will no longer be stumped for ideas.
  10. Chocolate Gift Set:  This set of 10 indulgent treats will please any blogger or any chocolate lover you know.  I am just guessing that your blogger loves chocolate.  These chocolates by Jean-Marie Auboine reflect the highest level of craft.  The ten treats are: Sea salt caramels, Bitter chocolate hazelnut spread, Four-piece signature bonbons, Dark chocolate bar sprinkled with sea salt, Marshmallow bar with layers of both vanilla and strawberry, Lion bar with Rice Krispies, caramel, and praline, Blueberry pearls in milk chocolate, Wasabi peanuts, Caramel popcorn in milk chocolate and M&M-style milk chocolate peanuts.  This gift is sure to please anyone on your list.
  11. Bloggers Gonna Blog Journal:  Design your own Blogging Journal. Pick your color cover, do you want lined or blank pages?  You can even have it personalized with the name of your blog on the cover.  Excellent gift along with the Gel Pens for your favorite blogger to take over the blogosphere!  This handmade personalized gift anyone would love.

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