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New York City, the place where dreams come true!  I started to write this post on the train headed back home after Blogger Bash 2016 ended.  So many ideas were swirling through my head.  All the incredible people that I met, other bloggers, brand reps, and conference organizers. The new people I met were wonderful, but what fills my heart is seeing old friends. The bloggers I met last year are still my best friends this year.  They are people I love having in my life through all the ups and downs of blogging.  They are the ones who “get me” and understand what being a blogger is all about.  I really enjoyed spending a few days with my people.  Going to any conference and leaving your family at home is not easy, but I have realized that everything that I learn and experience is for a reason.  Seeing that my family got along perfectly fine without me, that is priceless.

While I was in New York I was logged in to one of my son’s Pokémon Go accounts (yes, there were some arguments about which account I would use in New York). New York is the ultimate place to play Pokémon GO.  My son could not believe how many Pokestops, Gyms and Pokémon were flying all over the place. New York City is so amazing for just about every reason you can think of.

Care Bear Brunch at Blogger Bash 2016 #BBNYC #ACORNBBNYC Full review at

I know that I became a blogger to share my voice and find some meaning in my life.  When I started my blog 5 years ago I could not have imagined how enriched I would become as a blogger.  I believe that everything in life happens for a reason.  There is a definite reason that I started blogging and I am so happy that I took that chance.
If you are considering a conference, don’t think too hard,  just do it! Don’t make any more excuses, just buy that ticket today.  You need to network with other people who understand what you do.  You need to learn from others how to improve your craft.  You need this time to work on yourself, your passion and your future.

Care Bear Brunch at Blogger Bash 2016 #BBNYC #ACORNBBNYC Full review at

One of my favorite parts of Blogger Bash this year (and last year too) was the Care Bears Brunch.  I loved Care Bears when I was young and my daughter is picking right up where I left off.  Being a #shareyourcare Ambassador is so much fun.  We have been working with the Care Bears on a number of posts, here, here and here and my daughter also showed off some of the newest Care Bear products coming out this fall here, the adult size Union Suits, or Onesies are going to be awesome once the weather gets colder! Jessica Carscadden was an excellent speaker at the Care Bears Brunch and she really touched my heart.  You can read more about her project here. Jessica collects stuffed animals and then drops them off to fire departments and police stations so that the stuffed animals can provide instant comfort to a child who is in a scary emergency situation.  Take a minute and read all the wonderful thngs that Jessica is doing.  And finally, I am happy to share with you a fun Care Bears Giveaway. I hope you will take a minute and enter to win this Care Bears prize pack Giveaway.

Blogger Bash Care Bears Giveaway #AcornBBNYC

If you love the Care Bears as much as I do, make sure you are following them on social media:
I have one last top secret tip for you.  Before you go to any conference, get your desk cleaned off, and get all your posts in order because you are about to get real busy as soon as you get back!
I want to thank Acorn Influence for providing me with a complimentary ticket to Blogger Bash 2016 and for allowing me to be an ambassador. No other compensation was provided.

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