Summer dinners are meant to be quick, relaxing and should showcase our favorite summer foods.  These corn pancakes are not only delicious but are also quite nutritious.  Enjoy them with maple syrup or serve with a side salad.  Savory pancakes are such a nice change from sweet breakfast pancakes. Give […]

Corn Pancakes make a great summer dinner

When I was in college, I took a semester long class called “The Importance of Play”.  Before taking this class, I had never really thought about the importance of play at all.  This course ended up teaching me life long lessons.  The importance of play has stuck with me through […]

The Genius of Play

After a really busy school year, summer time could not have arrived soon enough.  So nice to have no homework to think about for two months, woohoo!  We have adjusted nicely to our new house, kids and dog all enjoying their new surroundings. Boxes still need to be unpacked and […]

Summer time is the best time

Are you tired of making dinner every night? You have to do the shopping, cooking and cleaning up of the dishes too?  I know I am, especially in the summer.  For the past few months we have been trying a new vegan meal delivery company. We have actually tried many […]

Vegan Meal Delivery Service

I am starting a new weekly post that I will share with you each Sunday. And yes, I am publishing this on Monday, but I wrote most of it on Sunday.  Six things I love. At least one will be a recipe, the other six, who knows. Things I can’t […]

Six on Sunday: week one